Stem Cell Treatment Charlotte NC

Stem Cell Therapy

Medical treatments should be customized to your own medical needs. The biggest difference between stem cell therapy and other general medical practices is that a lot of medical treatments are made in the “one size fits all” mindset because it’s easy and doesn’t take any additional training or experience to do. Modern healthcare is incredible and can be customized to exactly what you need. Stem cell is much more customized and crafted to fit your body and specific needs every time.

Success of Stem Cell Therapy

Strategic Lab Partners medsStem cell therapy is filled with a wealth of positive results. Since its inception it’s shown on average to have incredible results for those that use it. Roughly 95% of people claim that the procedure was a success and has improved everyday life, and even 80%+ of people say the same after three months. Stem cell treatment isn’t for everyone though, so do your own research and consulting.

Sources of Stem Cells

Your body can heal… itself! You may not have even thought about this – but it’s the most important question you can ask before having stem cell therapy done. The best source is your own body! All body tissue has stem cells in it, but some like bone marrow and fat are far more plentiful and viable sources. Also in using your own body as the source, you totally avoid all chance at infections or pathogens. You should always be wary of over the counter products.

Safety of Stem Cells

We know basically any medical procedure has risks. Any time you’re penetrating the skin you risk infection to some degree. With proper techniques and guidelines infection is exceedingly rare, only about 1 in 1000 are affected at all. Stem cell therapy and growth factor injections are relatively very safe and have great results. Stem Cell Treatment Charlotte NC will ensure a safe and effective procedure.

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