Taking Control of Childhood Obesity

The rate of childhood obesity is increasing at an alarming rate, so much so that it has become an epidemic. This is a problem every parent should be aware of, whether you child is currently overweight or not. Just why are we seeing a huge incidence of obesity in children today? The reasons are basically similar to the reasons why a lot of adults have weight problems. It all boils down to how much a person eats relative to how much physical activity the person gets. If you have a child, one of your responsibilities is to make sure that your children develop eating habits that are healthy.

Obesity Action explains in deeper terms how we need to understand childhood obesity and how to fight it.

Active kids are less likely to become overweight or obese. It’s also quite common for overweight or obese children to suffer from low self-esteem. These kids are also not very athletic and are often worried that they’d be made fun of or bullied by other kids. This can prevent them from participating in activities that could make a difference in their weight and health. If you have an overweight child with low self-esteem, try easing him or her into activities that aren’t very challenging. For example, start out with leisurely 20-minute walks with your child around the neighborhood or at a nearby park. Try also classes or activities that don’t require much athletic ability but offers your child the opportunity to be more active. Some activities that your child might enjoy include hiking, swimming, and biking. 

Setting a good example for your kids is one of the most important ways to teach them a healthy way of life. Imagine just how challenging it’s going to be for your child to lose weight if you are overweight yourself or another family member is. If this is how it is for your family, it’s a good idea to make weight loss a mission for the whole family. You could use this as a good excuse to regularly have some family time and do healthy activities together. When you neglect your own health, you are not setting a good example for your child. Your child is going to follow your lead so if you aren’t showing your child healthy habits, he or she won’t be developing healthy habits.

One bad habit that many children and adults develop is eating meal portions that are much bigger than what is necessary. Parents may not thing much of it, but they’re actually causing their child to develop this habit whenever they tell their child to finish the food on their plate. You’ll want your child to eat more if he or she seems to not eat enough or is malnourished. However, if your child seems to be a little overweight, it’s important that you make sure he or she eats just the right amount of food. This can be a big problem when you’re eating out or ordering from fast food places. It’s best if you give your child smaller meal portions and then give him or her a little more if he or she is still hungry. If each meal is one huge portion for your child, he or she is going to get into the habit of overeating. 

Childhood obesity is one of the more serious health problems that plague society today. It’s important for parents to educate themselves about this condition and know exactly how to deal with it. Don’t let your child become a statistic; work with a pediatrician so your child can lose weight and be at a healthy weight. Don’t just sit and let your child become obese; there is something you can do to get your child to a healthy weight.

Make healthy living a priority, but ease it into normal daily life. Increased activity and healthy diets aren’t hard to incorporate into your routine. Schedule fun events, rent a bounce house Raleigh inflatable, make family dinners healthy, these are just some of the ideas of how you may be able to redirect your child into a healthier lifestyle.

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