Have a pain somewhere on or in your body? Chiropractors are known for treating pains by working with the muscoskeletal system. They manipulate bones and tendons generally – to bring the body back into alignment. Most of the work is going to be focused on back and neck pain. There are all types of alignments in the body though but these two are the most talked about. Things like recurring headaches – migraines even – can be treated with chiropractic services.


Massage therapists are more focused on the actual muscles of the body – as well as some tendon areas that are manipulated along with those muscles. Massage therapists are more often the choice when you have over-exerted and pulled a muscle somewhere. There really can be a lot of overlap between the two professions, but clients often visit a massage therapy specialist for relaxation as well as occasional therapeutic work.

Getting good treatment can be challenging. Not every practitioner – chiropractic or massage – is going to work with your problem OR personality. Some folks just DON’T get along. Thankfully with chiropractors and massage therapists, there are a number of choices. It’s not like, regardless of where you live, that there is only one choice. You can almost ALWAYS be assured that you will have a number of practitioners to select from. Below are some places that you might find some good hands in YOUR area! – The Board of Massage & Bodywork Therapy of North Carolina – Preston Chiropractic & Acupuncture – North Carolina Board of Chiropractic Examiners – North Carolina Chiropractic Association – Massage Therapy Licensure in North Carolina – Best Massage Therapists in Raleigh, NC – Healing Hands Massage Therapy Raleigh, NC – Cary Chiropractic – Lose Weight in Cary

The Joint Chiropractic- Chiropractor Raleigh NC

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